World Remit is an online money transfer business that provides international money transfer services across 50 countries. The service was founded in the year 2010  by Ismail Ahmed, Catherine Wines and Richard Igoe. Thus, the platform offers a money transfer service that provides remittances service across Migrant communities across the globe.

World Remit

However, the platform offers an easy, safe, fast low-cost money transfer system. It offers security services that allow users to transfer money online using a smartphone, computer or mobile app.  The industry-leading technology protects your money and guarantees it arrives safely all the time.

World Remit

The idea of an online money transfer service what partially influenced by the frustrating experience of sending money to relatives in Somaliland using offline agent-based services. It is one of the first online money transfer startups to focus more on mobile to mobile money transfer. It offers a wide range of options including bank deposit, cash collection, mobile money and mobile airtime top-up.

 World Remit App

This platform offers outstanding features and benefits such as

  • Transfer money to family and friends without delay
  • Offers low fees and affordable exchange rates
  • Flexible to use
  • Provides real-time exchange rates.
  • It accepts prepaid and credit cards
  • Provides a trustworthy service
  • Gives massive protection to money transfer

These are some of the features of world Remit. Proceed to the next section to download and install the app on your device.

World Remit App Download

To download the app on your Android or iPhone, follow the instructions

  • On the play store or app store
  • Search for “world remit”
  • Select the app from the result page
  • Tap on the get/ install tab to begin the downloading process.
  • For iPhone users, you might be prompted to enter your Apple ID and password

Launch the app after downloading the application.

 World Remit Tracking

It enables you to track your transfers. Thus, not having an idea of where your money is and going after it can be frustrating and time-consuming. But with the world remit app you won’t have to, you can simply stay informed about the status of your transfer and I know the exact place it is.

World Remit Payment Methods

World Remit offers different ways to make your money transfer online, they are

Bank deposit – with this method transfers are made directly to the receiver’s bank account

Door to door paymentit’s an act of delivering physical cash to the Receiver’s home

Cash pickup method – with this method receiver can collect cash from World Remit local partner

Mobile money –  send and receive money Through mobile phone

Airtime top-up system – buying credit in other to make use of the telco network airtime

World Remit Sign Up

To register for an account follow the directives below

These are steps to sign up for an account.

World Remit Login

Do the following to login to your account

To recover your login details simply follow these steps;

  • Go to the login screen
  • Click on the “Forgotten password” widget
  • Type in your email address
  • Click on the “send” button to recover your lost password

You will recover your login password by following the above steps.


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