Worldpay is an online multi-currency payments system that started in 1997. It partnered with the National West minister Bank (now Royal Bank of Scotland) to give a financial system. The Worldpay company operate payment services for mail order and Internet retailers.



Also, they deal in sale transactions and its customers are multinational, multichannel retailers and the majority of them are small business owners. They provide loans to small businesses. As you read on you will really get to understand what Worldpay is all about. You will also know the Worldpay Payment Gateway which is very important.

What is Worldpay all about?

It is used to be a group plc that deals in payment processing. It was acquired by FIS in July 2019 for $43 billion. And listed on the London Stock Exchange till 16 January 2018 when it was acquired again by Vantiv to become Worldpay, Inc.

However, this platform is one of the leading providers of credit card processing and POS systems to integrate card payments to cross-border payments, online or off, it’s time for simple and secure solutions that advance your customer experience and your business.

They also provide solutions to small business payment processing packages. They also, provide solutions for large Enterprises rendering B2C e-commerce, B2B e-commerce and Face to face and multichannel services. Let me explain these features.

By B2C e-commerce you can access the most advanced payment solutions from any global company, eliminating the need for fragmented payment capabilities.

B2B e-commerce is a cloud-based solution that integrates with any enterprise payment system to deliver seamless experiences across multiple channels platforms.

Face to face and multichannel is a simple payment acceptance that increases your competitive advantage, and improve your competitive advantage, and improve your bottom line by accepting customers payments anywhere, any time, on any device and across channels.

Worldpay Payment Gateway

Worldpay Payment gateway accepts online payments conveniently and securely with a merchant account and flexible integration options.

Payment gateway features

  • Accept all online payments
  • It’s convenient. It accepts in over 116 currencies. Take email and phone payments. Set up recurring payments and subscription-based customer payment plans.
  • It’s simple. Easily refund customers, pricing plans are easy-to-understand.
  • Efficient – Manage your transactions and invoices via an online portal. Users can mitigate fraud with an integrated fraud screening and alert system.

Worldpay Login | Login Worldpay

To get to your account on the Worldpay website you need to log in to your account. Follow these steps

How to make Payments with a payment gateway?

Taking payments is simple and easy to make on this platform. Here are the steps to follow to make payments

  • Customers will add items to their online shopping basket
  • Users will enter their card details on the secure integrated payments page. Or is automatically redirected to your Worldpay hosted payments page to enter card details.
  • We process the payment through the payment gateway and send authorization back to your website.
  • Safer Payments for a safer business.


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