www.28degrees.com.au is the official website for the 28 Degrees Global Platinum Mastercard. Do you aspire to get the 28 degrees Global Platinum Mastercard? If yes, you will need to visit its official website.


On the 28degrees website, you will access all the information with regard to the credit card. Read on to learn about the 28-degree card, and how to apply, register, sign in or make payments.


With the Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard, pay like a local, wherever you are.

There are two credit cards by Latitude, the 28degrees Platinum Mastercard and the MasterCard Travel Rewards credit card. Explore a new world of shopping with Mastercard Travel Rewards. However, there are hundreds of accommodations, restaurants, entertainment, and shopping offers to explore, both at home and abroad, with Mastercard Travel Rewards and your Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard® credit card.

Latitude 28 Degrees Global Platinum MasterCard Credit Card

Why choose a Latitude 28° Global Credit Card? There’s no free annual fee, no international transaction fees on purchases, and no currency conversion fees on purchases, with the 28degrees Mastercard Credit Card.

Also, there’s a flight delay pass, so you can turn a delay into a delight. Thus, a flight delay pass gives you and four friends access to airport lounges, drinks, and Wi-Fi if your flight is delayed.

How To Apply For A 28-Degrees Mastercard

For Latitude 28 degrees Global platinum MasterCard Application does this;

  • Navigate to https://www.28degreescard.com.au/
  • Tap on the Apply Now button.
  • Select the Start Application button.
  • Fill in the following:
  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Last name
  • Date of birth
  • Relationship status
  • Number of dependants
  • Mobile number
  • Email address
  • Confirm email address
  • Residential address
  • Current residential address
  • Answer the questions beneath and follow the prompts.

These are the steps to apply for the 28degrees credit card.

How to Activate the 28 Degrees Credit Card

Please call the customer service phone number on your card to activate your new credit card. Moreover, you can sign up for an online account to activate your card.

Latitude 28, Global Mastercard Sign-Up Benefits

Register your card and enjoy the following benefits at every stage of your trip—before you go, on the go, and once you return.

  • Book your flights, accommodation and adventures on Latitude 28° Global avoid the international transaction and currency conversion fees
  • Purchase what you need for your trip for up to 55 days interest-free #
  • Register your Latitude at 28° Global when you book your flight and take advantage of our Flight Delay Pass
  • Check out the 28degrees blog for travel inspiration and other handy tips before you jet off!

These are benefits cardholders stand to enjoy once they register their card.

How To Register Latitude 28 Degrees Platinum Mastercard

To register your latitude MasterCard, do the following:

These are steps to register your card online.

Latitude 28 Degrees Global Platinum MasterCard Login

Perform your 28-degree MasterCard login today to manage your credit card online. By logging into your account, you can pay your bills, check your balance, view statements and more. The section below will guide you on how to log in to your account.

How To Login To 28 Degrees Mastercard Login

To sign in to your Latitude 28 degree Global platinum MasterCard, do this:

You will successfully log in to your account.

Latitude 28 Degrees Payment Options

Here are the payment options for the Latitude 28-degree MasterCard:

  • Latitude App
  • Latitude Service Centre
  • BPAY
  • Direct Debit

How To make Latitude 28 degrees MasterCard Payment Online

To make your 28-degree Global Mastercard online payment, do the following:

These are steps to making your payment online.

28 Degrees of Contact – www.28degrees.com.au 

To access 28 degrees MasterCard customer service phone do the following

Move down the page to copy the phone number.


How do I contact 28 degrees? www.28degrees.com.au

If you have a question or need help, you can contact their customer service. Go to https://www.28degreescard.com.au/ select the help tab from the menu and follow the prompts to get the phone number.

How do I pay for 28 degrees?

Make repayments in just a few clicks with our mobile app. Open the latitude app and create your Latitude ID (this is different to your Online Service Centre login). Once your credit cards are linked, you’ll be able to make payments via bank transfer with your BSB and Account Number (Australia only).

How do I change my 28-degree password?

Once you log in, you can change your password at Online Security, located under Manage My Details.

Can I use my 28-degree Mastercard as a debit card?

You can use the 28 Degrees Online Service Centre (OSC) to debit a payment from your bank account (free of charge). Note that you can only use the OSC method once every 5 days.

Can I withdraw cash from my 28-degree card? www.28degrees.com.au

Yes, you can withdraw cash from your card at an ATM, and you’ll be charged a fee and there is no interest-free period on cash. To save on fees and interest, make sure you pay it off as soon as you can


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