www.aceelitecard.com website lets you choose a Prepaid Card for your Tax refund. With this card, receive your funds faster than a paper check. You can manage and Control Your Money on One Convenient Card. Get Paid up to 2 Days Faster with Direct Deposit. Also, there are No-Fee Cash Withdrawals.


However, you can access our ACE Elite login page on the web or the ACE Elite Mobile app3. The app is free to download and simple to use. Track your transactions, manage your money, and more by creating an online access account.


The benefits of a Reloadable Prepaid Debit Card are as follows;

  • Send Money to Friends and Family: with this card, you can transfer funds at no cost to other ACE Elite cardholders. Do this, with just a few clicks in the Online Account Center or ACE EliteTM Mobile App.3
  • Get Anytime Alerts: Cardholders gets up-to-date transaction alerts sent to you by email or text message.3
  • Optional High-Yield Savings Account Online: members can launch a Tiered Optional Savings Account and earn up to 5.00% on eligible balances
  •  Set Up Direct Deposit: Setting up Direct Deposit to your reloadable Prepaid card is much safer than having your paper check lost, stolen in the mail, or carrying cash. So you can go for Direct Deposit for your payroll, government benefits, or tax returns.

Are you interested in getting the card? You can get an ACE Elite Card either online, or by visiting an ACE Cash Express location.

How To Apply For Ace Elite Card

To order the card online, take these steps;

The above steps are steps on how to apply for Ace Elite Card online.

How to Activate your Ace Elite Card

You need to activate your Elite Card to start using the card and to also enjoy the features that come with it. Follow this guide to kick off the activation process;

  • Move to www.aceelitecard.com
  • Tap on the Menu tab at the top left corner
  • Select sign in
  • Scroll do
  • wn and click on Activate Card
  • Enter Your Card Information such as your card number and the security code from the back of your card.
  • Tap on the continue widget.

You will successfully activate your card following the above steps.

How to Sign Up For Ace Elite Card  Account

You will need to register for online access, to enable you to manage your card online, here are the Registration steps

  • Move to www.aceelitecard.com
  • Hit the menu button at the top
  • Choose sign in
  • Click on Register for online account access
  • Provide Card Number
  • Enter Security Code
  • Hit the Continue widget.

You can now log in anytime, to track your transactions, manage your card and more

How to Log in to Ace Elite Card

To manage your Ace Elite card account, you will need to provide your username and password. Simply follow these steps;

You can recover your username or password using the link that says “Forgot your username or password?”

How to Make Ace Elite Card Payment

Cardholders can pay their bills online or in-store. To pay your bills online, you definitely need to access your account. So if you have not set up an online access account, you need to read the Signup steps outlined in this post.

If you have an account, go to the login page, provide your username and password and log in to pay your bills.

Ace Elite Card

With this Ace Elite Card, you will enjoy the following features:

  • Let’s you enrol in direct deposit. With this, you can get paid up to 2 days faster2 when you have your payroll or government benefits checks direct deposited to your prepaid debit card account.
  • No-Fee3 Cash Withdrawals at Participating ACE Locations.
  • Members can make up to $100 per day in cash withdrawals at participating ACE locations when they have regular direct deposit activity.
  • Use your card for everyday purchases, and stand the chance to earn offers to redeem for cash back rewards at select retailers.
  • Send and Receive Text Messages about Account Activity.
  • Receive transaction alerts sent to you by email or text message.

 Ace Elite Card Customer Service

The reloaded prepaid card customer service Agents are available and ready to assist you. If you have any questions or you need any form of help as regards the card, all you need to do is to dial the customer service number. Ace Elite card customer service phone number is located at the back of your card.


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