www.atoz.amazon.work is an official Amazon website designed for Amazon employees. With the a to z account, Amazon employees can now log in to check their work schedule and view their pay stubs online. So, if you’re staff at Amazon, you will need to create this Amazon a to z account, for a wonderful working experience at Amazon.



Amazon Employees can access their work information online, or through the Amazon A to Z app. To access you’re your info online Visit A to Z account at www.atoz.amazon.work. To access via app, download the Amazon A to Z app from the Play/Apps store.

Amazon A to Z Employees Benefits

With an A to Z amazon account, Employees can independently manage their work-life at the company. They can access their Payroll, work schedule, work benefits, and important company news. Check out the following amazon a to z benefits:

  • Employees can submit their time off requests
  • Amazon employees can access pay, tax, and direct deposit tips.
  • Confirm direct deposit info online
  • Manage their work profile online.
  • Access their work schedule
  • Amazon staff can claim extra shifts online
  • They get to configure their notification preferences to stay updated.
  • Login to plan their retirement
  • They can also update their personal details, and emergency contacts, view amazon.com discount code
  • Get updates on company news.
  • Log in to claim voluntary extra time to time off
  • Make a schedule ( view in/out times, upcoming shifts, as well as a calendar).

These are the benefits of the A to Z employee login account.

Amazon A to Z Create Account Amazon A to Z

To sign up for the a to z Amazon account, you will need to visit the Hr department. Or check at the top of your badge. Amazon HR department will guide every new employee with the A to Z registration process. So you have nothing to worry about. The moment you get your Atoz amazon login you can proceed to log in to the Amazon work portal.

 Atoz.amazon.work Login

To log in to Amazon work account, you need your login credentials. If you’re a new staff at Amazon, your login credentials are located at top of your Amazon badge above your photo. Once you access you’re A to Z account you will have full access to your work details, including paystub, work schedule and lots more.

How to Login to Amazon Employee Account

To securely log in to your Amazon A to Z employee account, do the following

  • Navigate to atoz. amazon.work login portal at https://idp.amazon.work/idp/profile/SAML2/Unsolicited/SSO?providerId=idp.federate.amazon.com
  • Enter your Amazon a to z login (username)
  • Type in your Password
  • Tap on the Login button

These are steps to log in to your Amazon Atoz work account.

 How to Reset Atoz.amazon.work Reset Password

If you can’t remember your login password, all you need is to reset it. To reset your login password is very easy if you follow the procedure outline below;

  • Visit the amazon portal login screen at https://idp.amazon.work/idp/profile/SAML2/Unsolicited/SSO?providerId=idp.federate.amazon.com
  • Hit on the “Forgot your password?”
  • You will receive an email with a code, on the email address you used when you first registered for A to Z account.
  • Verify your email

Follow the onscreen directives to complete the password reset steps.

Amazon A To Z App

Amazon A to Z app gives you access to all the tools to manage your work-life at Amazon. Use the A to Z app to manage your profile information, submit time-off requests, check your schedule, claim extra shifts, see the latest news, and many more.

The A to Z app is available for Android and iOS devices, on the Google play store/apps store. To download the a to z apps, read the section under.

How to Download Amazon A to Z App

Here is a guide on how to download the A to Z app for Amazon Employees;

  • Navigate to the app store/Play Store
  • On the search engine, search for Amazon a to app
  • From the menu, select the A to Z app
  • Click on the Get/install Widget
  • Follow the onscreen directives to install the app
  • Launch the app
  • Scroll to the login section and enter your login username and password

These are steps to log in to the Amazon Employee account via the Amazon A to Z app.

Amazon A to Z Customer Service Phone Number

Do you have an issue accessing your a to z account? Do you want to speak with ERC in your region? Follow the steps below to get the amazon Atoz ERC phone number;

  • Go to https://idp.amazon.work/idp/profile/SAML2/Unsolicited/SSO?providerId=idp.federate.amazon.comv
  • Tap on the
  • Go to “Need help? View our FAQs and click on it
  • Scroll down the page you will see their support phone number

These are steps to get to amazon’s work ERC phone number online.

How Do I Access My Amazon A to Z Login Username?

To access your Amazon A to Z login username, check at the top of your Badge or call the Amazon Hr department.

How Do I Access Amazon A to Z Customer Service Phone Number?

To access the help phone number, go to A to Z login page. Click on the Need help button. It will take you to the FAQ page, scroll down to get the number.


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