www.bentley.edu is the official website of Bentley University. You can find all the information you need concerning the school by visiting their website. Through the Bentley University website, you can apply for admission to the undergraduate, graduate, Ph.D., or another executive education program. Students and staff can also access the Bentley University workday portal through the bentley.edu website.



Bentley University education offers the following educational programs: 
•    Undergraduate
•    Graduate
•    PhD
•    Executive Education
So if you want to go into any of the above educational programs at Bentley University, please visit their website for details: www.bentley.edu.

Bentley University

The university is a popular private university situated in Waltham, Massachusetts, and was established in 1917. Thus, focusing on business, with undergraduate, master’s degree, and Ph.D. programs, the school is an institution for successful leaders who set out to create positive change in their communities, organizations, and the world. It believes in doing business and doing good at the same time.

Furthermore, to make information accessible to students, staff, and parents, Bentley has now moved most MyBentley functions to My Workday Bentley. My workday by Bentley is a cloud-based, mobile-friendly student information system.

Bentley University Workday

Bentley workday is an official website designed for Bentley faculty members, students, and staff members and is also useful to parents or guardians. Hence, Bentley staff can make use of My Bentley Workday to add money to Falcon Funds, buy tickets to events, find student information, and view or change their personal information.

Benefits of Bentley Workday Website

 However, as a faculty member, Workday student Bentley can be used to;
•    Enter and change final grades
•    Locate your course schedule
•    Access enrollments
•    Access class rosters
•    Review advisees
•    Locate your classroom
•    To check academic applications.

Bentley Workday Login

By signing in to the Bentley Workday website, parents can access their students’ accounts. Students can access their accounts to register for courses, see grades, and lots more. The staff at Bentley School are not left out. Staff can make use of My Bentley Workday to add money to Falcon Funds, buy tickets to events, and more.

How to Login to Bentley Workday Portal

For Workday Bentley login, do the following;
•    Visit the Bentley university website at https://www.bentley.edu/mybentley
•    Tap the “Workday link in the Connect section”
•    Select who you are logging in as
•    Fill in your email address
•    Input your password
•    Click on the “Sign in” tab
Follow the above steps for Workday login Bentley.

How to Register for Classes

You can also make use of Workday Bentley University to register for classes. All you have to do is 
•    log into Workday sign the sign-in step above
•    Choose Academics, under Planning & Registration 
•    Then, select Bentley Find Course sections
•    Input the academic period 
•    Choose the academic level.
These are the steps to registering for courses online.

What is special about Bentley College? 

By combining business education with the arts and sciences, the school provides students with the critical thinking and practical skills to help them collaborate effectively, communicate clearly, and lead successful, rewarding careers.

Is Bentley a college or a university? 

Bentley University is a popular private university situated in Waltham, Massachusetts, and was founded in 1917. Thus, focusing on business, with undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. degrees, it was founded by Harry C. Bentley.

Is Bentley College and Bentley University the same? 

Bentley University was founded as the Bentley School of Accounting and Finance in 1917 by Harry C. Bentley. It changed its name to Bentley College in 1971 when it started offering both bachelor of science and bachelor of arts degrees.

Where does Bentley rank? 

Bentley University’s ranking in the 2022–2023 edition of Best Colleges is Regional Universities North, #2. However, Bentley University’s tuition and fees are $56,500.

How do I change my minor or major? 

A major or minor in Workday Student is known as a Program of Study. For you to change your program of study, kindly follow the steps provided under “Changing or Dropping Your Program of Study” in the step-to-step guide provided by Bentley for students.

What do I do if I want to get into a full course? 

After your registration assignment time, you may place yourself on the waitlist for a course if the department has made a wishlist available for the course.


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