www.chase.com/getslateedge Invitation Code is a 12 digits number that accompanies the CC offer letter issued by the bank. Chase bank provides a broad range of financial services such as;


Moreover, the bank issues a wide range of credit cards including cash back, travel, business and balance transfer cards.

www.chase.com/getslateedge Invitation Code

www.chase.com/getslateedge Invitation Code

Chase Slate Edge card is a balance transfer credit card, offered by JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. With the Slate Edge Credit Card, you can pay off higher-rate credit cards or consolidate balances and pay less interest over time.

The card is designed for consumers with credit card debt that are serious about paying off the debt so they can achieve a higher credit score.

Chase Slate Edge Invitation Code – Chase Slate Credit Card

The invitation code is the 12 digits that come with the offer letter from Chase Bank. This Offer letter is given to Chase Bank customers who prequalify for the Chase Card. Once you have the invitation code, applying for a credit card is very easy. To kick off the application process using an invitation code, read below;

 How to Apply for Chase Slate Edge CC Using Invitation Code

To accept the CC offer, follow the guide below;

  • Visit chase.com/getslateedge invitation code
  • Fill in your 12-digit Chase Get Slate Edge invitation code
  • Input your 5-digit zip code
  • Enter your last name
  • Tap on the Submit button

Follow the directives on the screen to complete the application.

Chase Slate Edge Credit Card Online Application

Making an online application is kind of easy and with the help of the chase website you are sure of having a smooth process. However, you should not forget how important it is to have an account on the website so as to access the Chase Slate credit card Rewards and Chase Slate discontinued.

How to Apply for Chase Slate Edge Credit Card Online

To apply for the credit card online, you can sign in to apply faster, or apply as a guest. Kindly follow the application steps below to proceed;

  • Go to https://creditcards.chase.com/balance-transfer-credit-cards/slate/edge
  • Click the Sign in to Apply faster button or Apply as Guest Button.
  • To log in enter your sign-in details and follow the prompt. To apply as a guest, continue with the steps under
  • Input in the following details
  • Your name
  • Date of birth
  • Mother’s maiden name
  • Tax ID
  • Social Security number
  • Street address
  • ZIP code
  • City
  • State
  • Email Address
  • Phone number
  • Tick the box to provide your electronic signature for the authorization above.
  • Type of residence
  • The primary source of income
  • Submit the application form after filling the form and checking the required box

Once you finish the online application you will get an instant decision.  If you are approved for a Chase Slate Edge CC your new card will be mailed to you.

Chase Slate Edge Card In-store Application 

To apply for the card in-store, find the nearest chase bank branch. How to locate the nearest chase bank branch?

If you want to visit the nearest chase bank branch or ATM, the best way to find the branch is by using the Chase Bank Locator at https://locator.chase.com/?locale=en_US.

How to Apply for Chase Slate Edge Card In-store

Here are the steps to locate the store

These are steps to find the nearest Chase branch.

Chase Slate Credit Card Payment

During the course of your card activation, you have to pay for the card.  Yes, it makes you a full owner of the card. To achieve this aim, you have to log in to the Chase website and make payment with the help of customer service. However, you can contact the customer service department via its website at https://creditcards.chase.com/balance-transfer-credit-cards/slate/edge.

Chase Slate Credit Card Limit

Chase on its own part informed its users, of the limit of spending while using the chase credit card. However, in its own opinion, it suggested that it will be a useful tool that will help customers save funds and limit the rate of spending for a day and as time goes on they will adjust to spending discipline. Moreso, the chase slate credit limit is at least $500 and can be more, depending on how good your credit is.

Chase Credit Card Customer Service

To report an issue to the customer service team, you can either call their support phone number, which is the phone number on your card- for those who already have Chase Credit Cards. Alternatively, visit their customer service website.

Then follow the onscreen directives.

How do I Activate my Chase Slate Edge Credit Card?

Chase slate edge card activation can be done either online or over the phone. you can log in to your account and verify your receipt on your card and follow the next instruction that will be given to you. However, when you want to activate it over the phone you will have to call the customer service department and seek their help.

How do I get Pre-Screen Offers from Chase?

To get a pre-screen offer, you have to the Chase prequalified tool and enter your details and click on the “find my offers” button. however, when that is done, you can review the list cards, these are the ones chase has pre-qualified you for.

Is Chase Slate for Invite only?

Chase Slate was designed as a financing option for purchase and balance transfers. However, it is open to new applicants via invitation only. Hence, if you are interested in becoming a participant in the chase, you will need an invitation.

What is a Chase Slate Edge Card?

Chase has launched its newest credit card product, the chase slate edge card is built for consumers trying to pay off credit card debt and built up their credit score. However, with the card, customers can make a flexible purchase.

Is Chase Slate still Available?

Chase slate is no longer available. but for other options, you can check out their review of the U.S Bank Visa Platinum Card. Outside chase’s credit card, there are other offers you will want to explore.

How do I see my Chase Offers? 

To find chase offers through the chase mobile app, you will have to begin the steps by logging in to the app. scroll down to the bottom of the page below the list of credit cards and you will see chase offers. when you see it, tap on the “see all offers” button to see everything that is available for each of your credit cards.

How to Redeem Chase Offers?

To redeem your Chase offers, you will have to first, explore your offers in the chase mobile app or you can visit the website at Chase.com or you can access it in your email. When that is done, add a chase offer to your card for the brand you love in just one click. Then, you can use the card at a specific merchant. The statement credit will be posted to your account in 7014 business days.

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