www.citi.com/personalloan Invitation Code is given to Citi Bank customers who Prequalify for a personal loan. Consumers who prequalify for the loan are invited by the bank to apply. The loans come with some consumer-friendly and outstanding features.

www.citi.com/personalloan Invitation Code

With the bank’s mobile app, borrowers can manage the loan and a considerable autopay discount compared with other bank lenders.

www.citi.com/personalloan Invitation Code

Citibank personal loan is best for people who:

  • Are already Citibank customers.
  • Prefer to apply for and manage their loan online.
  • Want to choose from a wide range of repayment terms.
  • Citibank account holders who get in the mail an exclusive offer to apply for a Citi personal loan can take action on the offer by logging in to their online account and applying directly from there.

The above are people whom this loan is best for

Citibank Personal Loans – Citibank Personal Loan

To proceed with the application process, you will need some of the information from your offer letter.

However, you can apply online or visit your local Citibank branch.  Here is how you can apply online:

How to apply for Citi Personal Loan Online – Citi Personal Loan

To apply for Citi Personal Loan Online, take the following steps

  • Go to their official website at https://online.citi.com/US/ag/personal-loan
  • Click on the Apply Now tab
  • Sign in to your account by providing your User ID and password
  • It should take you straight to the application page.

After you have signed in to your online account, on the personal loan application page,  you will need to provide some personal information such as

  • Your Salary
  • Monthly mortgage/rent amount
  • Employer details
  • Your Address
  • Email address
  • Your Occupation

After you have completed the online application, kindly wait for the approval. If you get approved your funds will be mailed via check in 5 business days.

How to Apply for CitiBank Personal Loan In-store

Citibank customers can apply for personal loans by visiting the CitiBank branch or via their website.

To apply in-store,

If you don’t know how to find the nearest CitiBank, please keep reading

How to Find Citibank’s nearest Branch

To find the nearest Citibank branch, do the following

These are procedures to locate the Citi Bank branch or ATM near you.

After a successful application, you can check your application status online.

How to Check Citi Personal Loan Application Status

To check your application status follow this guide;

  • Progress to https://online.citi.com/US/ag/personal-loan
  • Hit on the tab that says “Log in to check the status of your loan application”
  • Input your login details and follow the onscreen prompt to view your status

These are guides on how to view your personal loan application status

Citibank Customers Service Number

To access the Citi customer service  page, do this

On the customer service page, you will get all the help and support you desire.

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