www.gemfinance.co.nz is the official website where you can find information about gem finance. Here you will learn about great products and services such as credit cards, loans, insurance, and more. To find out more about Gem Finance products and services, including how to apply for a credit card, make an insurance claim, etc., please read on.



Gem is a leader in consumer finance, offering a range of services such as personal loans, car loans, credit cards, and interest-free and promotional retail finance. However, Gem products are provided by Latitude Financial Services Limited. Gem New Zealand, 8 Tangihua Street, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand.

Gem Finance Loans

With a Gem personal loan, you can make things happen. Thus, you can pay your loan off faster to save on interest, with no early repayment fees. Moreover, you can check your rate in just 3 minutes online. Gem offers personal loans and car loans. In case you need any of these loans, visit the get finance website.

Gem Insurance

Gem offers two types of Insurance claims, personal loan Insurance, and Credit Card insurance. Do you want to make an insurance claim? If yes, please read the section below.

How to Make Gem Finance Insurance Claims

To make an insurance claim, follow the steps below:

  • Go to https://www.gemfinance.co.nz/insurance/make-a-claim.
  • Select the type of insurance (Personal Loan Insurance or Credit Card Insurance).
  • Choose the type of claim you’d like to make and follow the prompts.

Alternatively, you can call the phone number at the website https://www.gemfinance.co.nz/insurance/make-a-claim/#personal-loan to make a claim.

Gem Credit Cards

Here is a list of credit cards offered by Gem Financial Company.

  • Gem Visa
  • TheGem Essential
  • Gem CreditLine Card

The Gem Visa lets you shop for whatever you want. Enjoy 6 months of interest-free on all Visa purchases of $250 and over, anywhere Visa is accepted worldwide.

Gem CreditLine: Because Gem Visa is perfect for great deals and everyday spending, they don’t offer Gem CreditLine anymore. But don’t worry, if you don’t want to switch, your Gem CreditLine card will keep working.

Gem essential: As at the time of this writing, the Gem essential card is not available.

How to Apply for a Gem Visa Card Online

To apply for a Gem Visa card online, do this.

  • Go to the Gem Finance website at https://www.gemfinance.co.nz/
  • Click on menu
  • Select the credit card tab
  • Select the Gem Visa button
  • Tap on the Apply Now button and follow the prompts.

These are steps to apply for a Gem Visa card online.

Gemfinance.co.nz Login

The Gem Finance Login portal is available for 24/7 access by members. Do you have a loan or credit card account with Gem? The login section is fully available for you to access your account details. Find out how to log in to your credit card or loan account.

How To Login To Gem Credit Card

Do you want to log in to your gem credit card account? If yes do the following

  • Go to https://www.gemfinance.co.nz/
  • Tap on the Login tab.
  • For Credit Cards login, Select a card
  • Then click on the log-in button.
  • Enter username and password
  • Then follow the guide.

These are steps for gem credit card login.

How to Login to Your Gem Loans Account

Log in to continue your application, upload documents, or accept contracts. Do this:

  • Visit https://www.gemfinance.co.nz/
  • On the Gem, latitude website Click the login tab at the top.
  • Scroll down and click on the login to Loan Applications link.
  • Follow the onscreen guide to sign in to your Gem loan account.

These are steps for gem loan sign-in.

How To Sign Up For A Gem Online Account

To register for an account with Gem do this.

  • Go to https://www.gemfinance.co.nz/
  • Tap on the login button.
  • To register your credit card, tap to select a card.
  • After selecting a card, click on the Register widget.

Follow the prompts to register your card.

Gem Finance Customer Service

If you have any issues or queries as regards getting finance products and services, please contact the customer service representative.

To get Gem’s phone number online, visit https://www.gemfinance.co.nz/

Scroll down and click on the Contact Us or give us a call button.

You will see the official phone numbers on the new page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which bank owns Gem Visa?

Gem Visa is offered by Latitude Financial Services, which looks after more than 2.5 million customers across New Zealand and Australia.

Can you use a Gem Visa anywhere?

The Gem Visa card lets you shop for whatever. You can shop with it. Enjoy 6 months of interest-free on all Visa purchases of $250 and over, anywhere Visa is accepted, worldwide.

Can I get cash out on my Gem Visa?

Yes, but cash withdrawal fees apply (over-the-counter cash withdrawal fee per ATM cash withdrawal fee ). Take note, that cash withdrawal attracts interest from the date of withdrawal/purchase at the prevailing interest rate (currently 29.95%p.a.). Which is available at participating retailers only.

How long does it take for the Gem Visa card to arrive?

Your gen visa card will arrive approximately 10 business days after approval.


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