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www.meetbrightway.com/Applynow is the official application website for Brightway Credit Card. Customers interested in applying for a One Main Financial (OMF) Brightway card can have one if they meet the criteria.


OMF has two credit cards, the Brightway card, and a Brightway + card. Most consumers who prequalify for the cc get a mail offer from the bank, which comes with a code. The code will be used to further the application.


The application process for OMF Brightway CC is easy and fast. You can apply for the card online, Contact Customer Service to help you out, or visit their nearby branch. The section beneath will educate you on the application steps.

Brightway Card Application

Did you receive a mail offer from the bank? If yes! to further the application process for the Bright Way card, you will need to provide the offer code mailed to you. Can’t find your offer code? Read the section below to find the code

How to Find Brightway Credit Card Application Offer Code

Follow the steps below to find your code, but if you already have your code, Kindly skip this section.

Once you find the code take the steps under to move ahead.

How to Apply for OMF Brightway

To kick off the application process, here are steps to take;

Proceed with the rest of the application process and be prepared to enter more personal financial details such as:

  • SSN
  • Address
  • Name
  • Monthly housing amount
  • Employer
  • Salary

Once you have completed the meetbrightway.com online application and submitted it, kindly wait for a decision.  You will receive an instant decision that will only take about a minute. If you are approved you will be extended an approved credit limit and your new OMF Brightway CC will be sent in the mail.

How to Apply for Brightway Credit Card via Phone – Brightway Credit Card

To apply for the card over the phone, dial the customer service phone number. To get the customer service phone number, do the following

Alternatively, you can visit any of their branches.

How to Find the Nearest OMF Branch

Do the following;

Go to the branch and then request to apply for the card.

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