www.techronadvantagecard.com/activate is the official website for the Techron Advantage Credit Card, where cardmembers visit to activate their card online. Apart from activating your Techron card online, you can also activate it at Synchrony Bank or call the customer service officers to help you.


However, in this article, you will learn how to activate your Chevron Techron Advantage card using various media. You will also learn more about the card, its login, payment options, etc.


The Chevron Techron Advantage Card is a gas card that offers cardholders rewards on qualified fuel purchases at Chevron and Texaco gas stations. This Chevron and Texaco gas credit card comes with outstanding benefits such as exclusive cardholder savings offers, zero fraud liability and many more.

To utilise and enjoy the benefits of this Chevron credit card, after you receive it, you will need to activate it.

Activate Your Techron Advantage Card

Are you a new or existing Chevron Techron credit card member but don’t know how to activate your card?

Cardholders can activate their new chevron Advantage card over the phone through customer service, online through the Techron Advantage website, or at synchrony bank-since synchrony bank is the issuer.

Techron Advantage Credit Card Activation Online at Techronadvantagecard.com

Follow the guide below to activate your Techron Advantage Credit Card.

  • Activate the Techronadvantagecard.com website using this link techronadvantagecard.com/activate
  • Fill in your account number.
  • Input your three-digit security code.
  • Fill in the last four digits of your SSN.
  • Fill in your date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY).
  • Press on the Activate widget.
  • Follow the prompt to successfully activate your Chevron card.                                      These are steps to activate your Techron credit card at Techron advantage card.com/activate.

How to Activate a Techron Advantage Card by Phone

Another way to activate your Chevron Texaco credit card if you don’t want to activate your card using the online method is to activate your card over the phone. which is by calling the customer care agents.

To get the phone number, the customer care phone number should be on your card or visit the Chevron Texaco website to get the number.

Login to Your Chevron Techron Advantage Card

With the Texaco Chevron Login Portal, you can manage your Chevron Techron card online.

So, with the Chevron Texaco credit card login, cardholders can do the following:

  • Access their account balance online.
  • Sign in to their account and pay their bills.
  • They can keep track of their transactions online.
  • Sign in or register for an e-bill.

To kick off the login process, do the following:

How to Log in to Your Chevron Techron Advantage Card Account

Follow the instructions below to log in to your Chevron Techron Advantage Card.

  • Navigate to the Technonadvantagecard website at techronadvantagecard.com
  • Press the login button.
  • Next, click on the “Login to My Account” tab.
  • Fill in your sign-in username and key in your sign-in password. Lastly, press the Login button.

These are the steps for Chevrontexacocards login.

Should you forget your Texaco chevron card login details, on the login page you will see the password and username reset link.

Chevron Techron Advantage Card Payment

By logging into your card account, you can pay your Chevron Texaco Techron gas card online. You can also pay in-store at Chevron and Texaco gas stations, at Synchrony bank, or by downloading the Techron Advantage Card app.

How to Pay Your Chevron Techron Advantage Card Bill Online

To make an online payment, do the following:

  • Go to the Techron gas card website at techronadvantagecard.com
  • Press the login button.
  • Tap on the login to my account tab.
  • Enter your username and password here.
  • Tap on the Login button.
  • From your dashboard, locate the Payment tab and follow the onscreen prompt.

These are steps to make your Chevron card payment online.

Chevron Advantage and Texaco Techron Gas Cards

The Techron Advantage® credit card provides quality and convenient way to pay bills, even if you pay for Chevron gas or purchase food and auto items inside the station, on Fuel Credits, every time you fill up.

However, the Chevron business card program provides a complete fleet fuel management system, which is to help you control, monitor, and analyze fuel expenses. It also comes with fuel rebates for cardholders on qualifying accounts.

How to Apply for a Chevron Techron Gas Card Online

To apply for a Chevron and Texaco Techron AdvantageTM Credit Card, do the following:

  • Go to the Techron Card official website at techronadvantagecard.com
  • Select the “Apply Now” option.
  • Follow the instructions and enter the required information. name, address, phone number, date of birth, gender, employment data, and other personal information.

These are steps to get the Chevron Texaco gas card.

Techron Advantage Card Customer Service

If you have any queries, you can dial the customer service phone number on your card. You can as well. Go to the chevron Techron card website help page at https://www.mysynchrony.com/cmp-index.html?market=automotive&store=chevron&show_cc_login_frame=Y and select the contact us/faq tab.


How do I activate my Chevron card?

To activate your Chevron card, you can dial the phone number on your card or log in to your account to activate it.

Where can I use my Techno Advantage Visa Credit Card?

Once you receive and activate your Chevron and Texaco Gas Card, you can use it at Chevron and Texaco gas stations for fuel and retail purchases. As for the Chevron and Texaco Visa Cards, you can use them anywhere Visa is accepted.

How do I check the balance on my Chevron gift card?

You can check your Chevron Texaco gift card balance online at the Chevron gift card website or call Chevron Texaco customer support.


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