Xfinity Mobile is a convenient plan that is designed to help you save money. It is available to Xfinity Internet customers. You can select from the best devices on the best network. It is Comcast owned and operated network.

Xfinity Mobile

With the X mobile, phones can be configured to automatically connect to Comcast WIFI hotspots to provide data to subscribers. However, covers 98% of areas in the US with the help of the nation’s largest LTE network, so to find hotspots that are close to you, you will need to provide your zip code.

Xfinity Mobile

Comcast launched Xfinity Mobile in the year 2017. A mobile Virtual Network Operator on the Verizon wireless network. Thus, it is promoted as being part of a quadruple play with Xfinity TV, Internet and home phone service. The X mobile provides prepaid and monthly unlimited plans, with the latter throttled after 20 GB of use.

The service was sold specifically for Comcast television and TV subscribers, with a discount price given to Xfinity Triple play and premier double play subscribers, including access to Xfinity WIFI hotspots.

Xfinity Mobile Features

Learn more about Xfinity Mobile by accessing the features outlined below.

The best LTE: with the LTE, automatically connect to millions of data saving Xfinity WIFI hotspots.

Talk more, for less- X mobile offers unlimited talk and text features. Users can talk more and send texts up to 5 lines without any phone line or activation fees.

Embedded with flexible data options: You can share your network with family and friends and pay less as a group.

Shop the latest: with your phone, shop for the latest items to meet your needs.

Fast Internet: save content on a reliable fast Internet speed. To give you a wonderful browsing experience.

Customizable data: You can add a mobile that works for all. With this, you can change how much shared content you have or switch any line to unlimited anytime.

By the Gig: You can only pay for the shared data you used every month, and also save when you start with 3 or 10 Gigabytes. So with the flexible shared data, you will pay less as a group.

Unlimited: users can get all the data they need each month for one price per line. Also, mix shared and unlimited data options to form the ideal plan for each one.

The Best LTE + data saving WIFI hotspots: You can get the only wireless network that auto-connect to thousands of secure WIFI hotspots, and the best LTE everywhere else. This will help you save money on data.

Offers $50 prepaid card: with Xfinity Mobile, you can save money when you bring your phone to their network, keep your number, then a $50 worth of prepaid card will be given to you. You will also receive a SIM card with a simple set-up guide right at your house.

How to Switch

These are steps you need to take to switch over to X mobile.

Get Internet – to get Internet, you must select any offer with Xfinity Internet and setup up your account.

Add mobile – to add mobile, navigate to the mobile site at when you get to the page, you can now add mobile and search for phones

Select data plan – after adding mobile, proceed to choose your data plan for each line, then change it up as you need.

X Mobile Plan

The mobile plan is accessible by Xfinity Internet customers only. To access this plan all you need is to choose any of the internet offers and then set up your account. They have two data options, By the Gig and Unlimited.

By the Gig is for shared data while unlimited is for each line. By the Gig lets you choose a minimum amount of shared data while, with an unlimited data plan, you can get the data you need every month for one price for each line.

Create account ID

Follow the directives beneath to create your account ID. You need the ID to log in to your X mobile account.

X Mobile Login

For you to access your X mobile account, you will need your Xfinity account ID to be able to log in.

Login to X min account, by taking these few steps outlined beneath

Proceed to their homepage at

Move directly to the upper right-hand corner of the screen and tap on the “My Account” button.

After loading a new page, enter your email, mobile or username.

Then your Xfinity password.

If you want to stay signed in, check the “empty box” below.

Move down and type in the moving letters shown on the screen.

Finally, scroll down to the blue “sign-in” button and hit on it.


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