Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is a community of question and answer created and owned by Yahoo that permits users to ask questions to be answered and answer questions asked by other users. This answers platform was invented and launched in 2005. While under testing but were finally open for general use in 2006. It is a replacement for Ask Yahoo, which was fully disconnected in 2006.

Yahoo Answers - Use Yahoo Answers to Promote Your Business

This answer platform is available in over 12 languages. On December 2016, Yahoo created and released an app for the question and answer platform known as Yahoo Answers which is formally known as Yahoo Hive for Android and IOS devices. This question and answer platform allow questions that do not violate the rules and guidelines of the Yahoo community.

The service is free but the contents in it belong to various users and Yahoo maintains it as a free service to publish every information the public will need. Yahoo Answers allow you: ask a question, give an answer to a question, post a comment on other members’ response and vote on a question.

Use Yahoo Answers to Promote Your Business

This platform is able to offer so many benefits to your business. Here are the techniques to make use of this platform for your business:

  1. Build The Reputation Of You And Your Business.

This answer platform is a great system to advertise and expertise your brands. By giving answers to questions about your brand or business, you show to other members that you possess a lot of knowledge about your field.

  1. Gain Traffic for Your Site.

People who read your answers can click on the link to gain access to your site. The more you give answers to questions, the more exposed you become on the Question and Answer platform. And this means more traffic to your site.

Note: Direct advertisement and not giving relevance to questions are not allowed in Yahoo answers. Your advertisement may be considered spam. For example. If a person is asking for tips on how to use Google AdWords. And you drop your link to visit sites that have nothing to do with what the person has asked for, then it is seen as a violation. Give the people what they want!

  1. It Helps You Understand Your Customers, Clients And Target Audience.

It gives you a clear understanding of what common awareness there are in your business. Interacting with thousands of people through Yahoo Answers can open your eyes to see how you can serve your clients and customers.

  1. Networking

The question and answer platform permit communication and interaction between its members through email (that is if the members allow). By answering a question at your best shows your knowledge, talent and professional skills to others who may want to work or partner with you. you widen your business network.


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