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What is the Yahoo Security center all about? In time past, Yahoo has been able to investigate and identify security issues concerning many yahoo user accounts. Yahoo has actually taken bold steps to secure every user’s account. And are working hand in hand with the law enforcement. Previously, during an investigation, the law enforcement presented to Yahoo some data files claimed to be a Yahoo user data. We went through this data and confirmed that it appears to be a user’s data.

Yahoo Security Center - Yahoo Security Measures - Yahoo Account

Based on a further investigation by some experts. It was confirmed that an unauthorized party stole data associated with more than two billion yahoo user accounts. For the affected accounts. It was believed that the possibility of this theft may have included the pieces of information of the stolen user account. Such as their names, their email addresses, and their mobile numbers. Also their passwords, their dates of birth and so many other pieces of information. The investigation also states that. These stolen pieces of information did not include bank account information. And payment card data because these pieces of information are not stored in the system.

However, we are doing so much to protect our users from unauthorized visitors. We are notifying the affected users. And we have taken huge steps to secure their accounts. Including notifying users to change their passwords to characters that are unpredictable. We have also invalidated some security questions and answers so that they cannot be used to gain access to any yahoo user account. Through our Yahoo Security Center, we have improved our security level and systems that find and prevent illegal access to Yahoo user accounts.

Yahoo Security CenterYahoo Security Measures

The level of security on your account also depends on you. The question is “what can users do to protect their accounts?” Yahoo encourages its users to visit their safety center page. From time to time for tips on how to stay secure on the internet. Some of the important tips include:

  1. Be careful of any wrong communications that ask for your personal details. Or refer you to a website asking for personal details.
  2. Change your passwords. And also security questions and answers for any account on which you used those same details for your yahoo account.
  3. Review all your accounts in case of any suspicious activity.
  4. Do not click on links or email attachment from suspicious emails you do not know about.
  5. Make use of yahoo account key, a simple tool that does not require using a password on yahoo.

For more information about security issues and our security tools, please visit the yahoo security center on

Tips on Yahoo Security

I want to assure you that Yahoo is really committed. To maintaining a safer and more secure online experience for each of its users. These tips below will help you flow through the Yahoo network safely and securely.

  1. If you should eventually forget your password, access your yahoo page and reset it.
  2. If you ever suspect that your account is about to be stolen by scammers, here is what to do:
  • Change or update every of your information on yahoo.
  • Change your Yahoo password.
  1. If you notice that spam messages are being sent from your yahoo mail account. Here is what to do:

Access your yahoo mail settings and make sure none of your pieces of information were changed. Things to check out for include:

  • Your email signature.
  • Your email filters.
  • Also, your sending name.
  • The reply-to address.
  • The blocked addresses.
  • And default sending addresses.

Tools on Yahoo Security Center

  • Update or change your account password and keep it secure. Be sure to keep your password private and unpredictable.
  • Stay aware. Do not click on unknown links and email attachments from just anyone, play safe.
  • Take huge steps towards the security of your mobile device and computer. Regularly update security software that can provide protection and help you create and maintain a better internet experience.


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