Yahoo sport is a new website that is designed for the purpose of watching live sport and where to get live results, scores, and the latest news and update. Most of the yahoo sports information is gotten from STATS performance.

Yahoo Sports

This website was established on December 8, 1997, by a site that is popularly called “yahoo”. Yahoo sports brand was also been used for a U.S sports radio network and now the network is known as sports map.

Yahoo Sport

It started live game streaming free on May 8, 2006, and the current home page of yahoo sport was established on February 1, 2007. It is available on any smartphone and tablet for you to stream live local games and a primetime game

This platform covers a lot of games, sports and not football alone, it covers athletes like FIFA world cup, WWE, horse racing, swimming, golf, boxing, UEFA champions league, NCAA, ice hockey etc.

How to Download the Yahoo Sports App on Mobile Device

  • Below are steps to download the yahoo sports on the mobile device;
  • Open your mobile and go to the google play store and open it
  • Enter the app name in the search field or you can browse the app when you enter the yahoo website
  • The app ‘permission’ will show you a dialogue box. Then you ‘next’ to the particular app you want
  • Download the app by taping accept

Above are the steps to download the yahoo sports app on mobile devices

How to Uninstall the Yahoo Sports App

Below are the steps to remove yahoo sports from your phone;

  • Go to the home screen of your phone and choose settings
  • Click on the app
  • The main app that you want to remove, tap on it
  • Click uninstall
  • Now, tap on ok to uninstall fully

Above are the steps to uninstall the yahoo sports app from your phone

Devices where you can find the Yahoo Sports App

The yahoo sports app can be found on these listed devices;

  • Desktop
  • Android tablet and android phones are the supported Android device
  •  iPhone, fire tv, stick 2+, fire tv OS 5. 1+, fire tv gen 2+ and iPad, Apple tv,are the supported i0s devices
  • I0s 10x minimum, tv OS 11x minimum, these are the supported (OS)

Above are the live streaming devices that have the yahoo sports app.

How to Download the Yahoo Sports App PC

To download the yahoo sports on PC is classified into two methods and they are blue stacks and the menu-play. These methods are from the android emulator because the Yahoo sports versions are not found on PC.

Yahoo Sports app can only be downloaded with the help of the android emulator. Readers carefully follow the two methods according; the method s will start with the first one.

Blue Stacks Emulator

The blue stack software is among the coolest and broad used emulators for android applications on PC windows. Blue stack is also available for Mac OS. Below are the steps to download the yahoo sports on PC;

  • Download the blue stacks software emulator from the link that is below.
  • Open the blue stacks software emulator and after installation is successful
  • Be patient until the blue stacks’ app finish loading then, see the home screen of blue stacks, once it is opened
  • On the home screen, google play store will appear pre-install in the blue stacks. Search for the play store and double click the icon for it to open
  • Search for yahoo sports scores, news, stats and highlight to download on the pc
  • Tap on the install button and blue stacks will install the app fully

Above are steps to download the yahoo sports app with blue stacks process on your pc.

The Menu Play Emulator

Follow the below steps on how to use the menu play to download the yahoo sports app on pc;

  • Download and install the Menu-play on pc. Download the menu-play software by opening the homepage website
  • Tap twice on the google play store app icon on the home screen of menu-play, after the emulator, is installed
  • Click on the install button once you find the official page app from yahoo developers
  • Now, on the home screen of menu-play, you can now get yahoo sports news, live results, scores, stats and highlights.

These are steps to download the yahoo sports app on your pc with the menu-play software emulator.

As you can see, these are the best ways to download the yahoo sports app on your pc so, follow the process carefully.


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