Yandex Mail provides you a full, rich, and usable email experience with strong web access, mobile apps, and POP also with IMPP access and unlimited storage. This particular mail server is just the same as that of the Gmail server, it provides you with all the necessary features that you will be needing to access your mail.

It is also a platform that allows its users to send and receive emails from other email platforms like the one that has just been mentioned “Gmail”. Apart from Gmail, there are also other mail platforms out there that can be used as well, like Yahoo mail, Hotmail or outlook mail, and so much more. All that this article has to explain to each and every one of us is all about the mail service on the Yandex platform.


Yandex Mail

Activities like message templates, reminders, e-cards, and keyboard shortcuts help handle mails with efficiency and fun. Still, its rules and regulation could be more versatile; text snippets would support templates and could function as a full web-based MAP client.

Yandex mail allows you to schedule emails, get reminders if you receive no replies. Online storage is unlimited and POP and as well as IMAP also allows for flexible access to its mail. Finding related emails by threads and contacts is very easy on Yandex mail. It cannot access IMAP accounts like desktop email programs. Its mail lacks filters and text snippets that learn by example.

Descriptions of Yandex Mail

What we are going to be looking down here is no other thing but the description of the Yandex mail that we have been talking about.

  • Yandex emails contain an RSS and news feed reader. Which makes the RSS feed reader operate separately from the email and does not treat new items in the messages.
  • Yandex mail offers you a free email with unlimited online storage starting from 10 GB and increases with 1GB steps as needed.
  • This email offers both POP and IMAP access. Its accounts can be set up conveniently in desktop and mobile email programs and also in other email services.
  • A different theme on Yandex Mail makes it a colorful and lively app.
  • Yandex mails help you save messages for easy re-use.
  • Yandex mail finds emails faster with form search. You can narrow your results by folders, status, labels, and fields for example sender or subjects and dates.
  • Using filters, you can set up your mail to perform a different task automatically like deleting certain emails. Forwarding it to another address sending automatic replies or files in its mail folder.
  • Yandex mail is available in a version that uses simple HTML, which performs better with a particular browser and internet connection.
  • The simple task manager built into Yandex mail makes you keep a to-do list with dates right at hand.
  • You can re-schedule your messages to BE and will be delivered automatically by its mail service at a later date and time.
  • E-cards built right into Yandex mail make sending rich invitations, wishes, and everyday greetings an easy thing to do.

Yandex Storage

Yandex mail accounts start at 10Gb and it grows as its usage increases. You are there for advice to never run out of space. Even though you may start with your email achieve filled well already. Its mail offers to not only collect new messages from your existing accounts but POP and IMAP but also import your old mail.

Organizing Mails in Yandex Mail.

the more messages you stored, the more it becomes easier for a mail search to return something, but the harder it becomes to spot just the right email. Yandex mail varies reasonably well. Using filters, you can have it mail and perform certain actions automatically.

How to Sign Up for Yandex Mail

The reason for including this side of the paragraph in the article is to enlighten us most especially those of us who are new that want to create an account with the platform. Following the steps below, will direct you on how to go about it.

  • Open any browser on your device.
  • Type in the registration page.
  • Type your name and surname.
  • Create a unique username and if the one you created has been used before by another user. You can select another one that marches and it will be your access to Yandex mail services.
  • Don’t make any mistake doing this because your username can’t be changed after registration.
  • Create your password always remember it so as to always access your account. Your password should be kept private and shouldn’t be disclosed to a third party. In order to protect your account from malicious users against accessing your personal data.
  • Input your mobile phone number. This number can be used to retrieve your password and will always get notifications through this number also with an alternative username. You can put your mobile number later on the mobile number page. If maybe you don’t have a mobile number or you don’t wish to enter your mobile number you can click I don’t have a phone number. And you choose a security question then you enter your answer to the question. These details are only required for password recovery.
  • On the next page, you will have to enter the characters you see in an image (this is to protect you against automatic registration).

Now that you have finished creating your account, there is one more thing that you need to do and that is to verify your account.

Verifying your Yandex Account

Note. If you notice the image is not clear enough for you to recognize the characters in it, you have the option of clicking another code and you try again.

  • You shouldn’t forget to select the checkbox to confirm if you accepted all the terms and conditions of the User’s Agreement. Wait till your personal data is being processed.
  • After that kindly click on register.
  • After you finish registering, your email address will consist of your username and the domain. For example, [email protected] (or one of its domain aliases) or it can also be like this: [email protected]. The domain alias is usually determined automatically during registration.
  • You can re-edit your personal details, enter another security question. Specify backup contact’s email addresses and even edit your list of phone numbers at a later time.

This part is very important in the cost of creating an account with Yandex. For your account to be active, all you need is to verify it by following the steps above.

Yandex Mail Login

For those who are finding it very difficult logging into their account, or you are new to the platform and you just created an account and trying to log in to the account to another device. Here are the steps you will be needing.

  • Enter it web address on the search bar of your internet-connected device.
  • Type in your Username and Password on their required space.
  • Click on Login to log into your Yandex Mail account.

That’s it, all the steps that you have seen above can help you gain access or log into your Yandex account with no stress.


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