What do you do when you want to go to a restaurant? Do you just jump into any restaurant you see around or do you look for the very best, with the best reviews from satisfied customers? This is what Yelp helps you to do. If you are aching to know what Yelp is all about, then this article will be a very good guide.


What is Yelp App

Yelp is a popular online resource that you can use to discover local businesses like bars, restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, spas, and gas stations.

What is Yelp used for?

With reliable information from local businesses, photos and content reviews, it provides a complete local platform for consumers to discover, connect and do business with local businesses of all sizes, making it easy to search for offers, and register on a waiting list or book. and schedule a visit or buy.

How does Yelp Work?

You can work with Yelp through its official website or with its apps on iOS and Android phones. Yelp‘s Listings are sorted by certain criteria like business type, and results are filtered by geographic location, price range, and unique features such as outdoor seating, delivery service, or accepting reservations.

This patform has a strong social dimension and encourages customers to leave written reviews, ratings and photos of their experience at every business they visit.

Every Yelp account has a friends list that can be populated by connecting the app to Facebook and your smartphone or tablet’s address book. Reviews posted can also be viewed by other users, while popular reviews have the potential to be promoted to Yelp Elite status.

How to write a review on Yelp

Writing a review on this platform is very simple. I will advise you to rate or write a review on every business you visit to aid others to get the good experience you had. Here‘s how to write a review on both android devices and iOS devices.

How to write a review using the Yelp Website

Follow the easy steps below to write a review on yelp Using the Yelp Website.

  • Go to the main Website, yelp.com with the browser of your phone or your computer
  • When you get to the home page, search for the name of the business you want to review on the search bar and click on it
  • After doing that, click on write a review
  • You will be given options to rate in form of star icons. Click on any of them to rate out of 5
  • After that, type your review or experience on the space provided below. You can also view other people‘s reviews on the right-hand side of the page
  • If you want to attach an image to your review, click on upload
  • Select your image from the files of your pc or your phone. You can also drag this file and drop it directly.
  • You can then go through your review and make any final changes including adding more photos.

When you are done with all the steps given above, click on post review.

How to Write a Yelp Review with your Android Device and iOS Device

Posting a review with the Yelp App works the same way with both the Andriod and iOS devices. Follow the processes below to do this

  • Open the application on your Phone
  • Search for the name of the business you want to post a review about with the search bar
  • After doing this, click on start review
  • The next step is to select any of the five-star graded icons to rate the business on a five-star scale.
  • Just like it is done on the website, you can type a review of the Business in a space given below the five stars
  • Select the camera icon to add a picture to your review
  • After selecting the picture you want to post, click on next.
  • You can then make any adjustments to your review.

When you are done with the steps above, click on post review. Your photo might take up to a day to be published.

Yelp for Business – Yelp Business

It may be hard sometimes to locate the correct listing for a business on Yelp. This could be because the business may have changed some vital information like address, or the business is not on Yelp yet. To easily add a business, follow the process below.

  • When you open the app. Click on the More icon at the bottom right part of the page
  • After that, click on add business
  • Since you are a customer of this business, click on ‘i am a customer
  • You will then be required to fill in as much information about the business as you can.
  • When you are done with this, click send.

I hope this information was helpful, give us some useful comments in the comment section if you have some important suggestions.


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