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YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads are part or your AdWords account and any video content you upload to your YouTube channel can serve as your ads. Pre-roll video ads are always displayed before any video on the YouTube platform, and other kinds of YouTube ads appear beside playing videos and also appear in the search results. Just like the system of pay-per-click advertising, you have full control and management over your day to day budget. The unique thing is you pay when viewers and subscribers engage with your ads on YouTube, and if these viewers and subscribers skip your ads before it is over, then you do not have to pay for your ads being displayed on the video.

YouTube Ads - YouTube Account - YouTube Videos

This system of ads on the popular YouTube platform has got several different options that give you the opportunity to narrow your audience by gender, age, likes, location, hobbies, interests and so much more. There are various formats with which you could create these ads on videos for customers and viewers on YouTube to engage in. these video formats include:

  • Bumper ads – this ad lasts for 6 seconds or even shorter tha that. It normally appears during the period the video is being played or after another video.
  • In-stream ads – this ad is designed to play before, during or after the videos being watched.
  • Video discovery ads – these ads appear just next to related videos, usually among search results, or by contents across the display network on Google.

Benefits of YouTube Ads

The act of video consumption has really been on the top for quite some time now. However, the act of advertising business, products, and services on a video platform as great and influential as YouTube still remains foreign to so many marketers and business owners. YouTube lets you connect and get hold of potential clients and customers in a way at the moment they search for an item related to your business or what you market. Google AdWords make it so easy for enterprises and businesses of all backgrounds, great and small, to develop and build video campaigns on the YouTube platform. Below are the benefits that lie in wait for you when you engage your business in YouTube Ads.

  1. You reach a large number of audiences out there
  2. They have got the abilities of measurability, durability, and affordability.
  3. They help develop a connection and sort of relationship between the YouTuber and his subscribers.
  4. And they are highly effective, as they have a great positive impact on your business.

How to Get Started on YouTube Ads

If you are out there and ready to advertise for the first time on YouTube, then these basics are here to serve you. With the nine steps outlined below, you can easily get started with building your presence on YouTube.

  1. Create and set up a Google AdWords account
  2. Link the AdWords to YouTube
  3. Access the general settings and schedule your budget per day
  4. Make a preferred choice of where you want your YouTube ads to be displayed
  5. Upload or post your video


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