YouTube Music – How to Download the YouTube Music App on All Devices

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Currently, there are lots of interesting apps to download and even stream music online from, and recently, a new one just joins the game called YouTube Music. Am sure that by now you should have seen or heard about YouTube music if you are making use of an Android device. This is because Google Play music is no longer functional as it was replaced by YouTube Music. This app would offer you playlists and proposals that are meant to support your mood, taste, and what’s trending around you.

YouTube Music

With YouTube Music, you do not have to worry about Overcharges because you would be able to stream songs and Music videos on your telephone. It would also free you from all the small screen and luxuriates in using the app on a way larger display because the app gives you interesting features that you would not expect from the platform. with the app you get to locate trending music and stream them freely. All you need is the name of the song, and in no time, you would be streaming it.

YouTube Music App

As a YouTube Music premium member, you would be given the option to stream music offline by downloading the songs and videos you like to your mobile device. Like I previously stated, the YouTube music app is the successor to Google play music.

You can download the music app on your Desktop, android device, and iOS devices. So, you do not have to worry about the app not working on your device.

How to Download the YouTube Music App on All Devices

Below I would be stating what you required to download YouTube Music on your Desktop, iOS, or Android device.

For Desktop Devices

For now, there is no official Music app for Desktop, but you can access it using Google Chrome. You’ll have to install YouTube Music as something called Progressive Web App (PWA). It is an internet site, you’ll catch up during the window without browser toolbars, get a desktop icon, and media key support.

To download it on your PC desktop or Computer, follow the steps below.

  • First, go to in Google chrome
  • Then tap on the “three vertical dots” located within the top right corner of the window
  • Click “install YouTube Music”
  • YouTube Music should be ready to launch.

With these steps, you would be able to open Google Music without having to open your Google chrome.

For Android

In other to download the YouTube music app on your Android device, follow the steps stated below:

  • First, go to your Google Play store and locate the search bar
  • Enter “YouTube Music” and the search
  • Once the page opens, you would find the app among other apps in the result page, tap on YouTube music and then install.

Follow these instructions and you would be download YouTube music on your android device.

For iOS

The steps stated below are the steps on how to download YouTube music on your iOS devices. They include

  • First, visit go to the Apple store and then tap on the search icon on your screen.
  • Enter your YouTube music and then search
  • After that, you would find YouTube music on the search result. Tap on the get icon
  • Wait for some minutes for the app to download and then, the installation would begin

Once it has been installed, you would find it on the iOS App menu. Click on it and begin your streaming.

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