YouTube TV – YouTube TV features That You Should be Aware of

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YouTube Tv is not very popular among a lot of people making use of YouTube today. With the TV, you get to stream your favorite TV programs. The platforms allow you to stream your favorite TV programs live on your television. Some other popular cable networks that you can make use of to stream live on your TV includes ABS, FOX, CBS, ESPN, and NBC. The best part of making use of YouTube Tv is that you get to stream your best programs and also record them without having to require storage space.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV features That You Should be Aware Of

There are several basic things that you should be aware of in the platform. they include:

  1. Not every state in America has access to YouTube TV. But if you wish to find out which state has the YouTube TV, go to
  2. You can choose to record as many of your favorite TV programs as you would want without having to run out of space that you want to use in storing them.
  3. Being a Member of the TV community, you would be in possession of a unique chance of sharing with up to 6 different people. This is possible as a result of the 6 accounts that came with being registered.
  4. You would be given access to stream your cable network content while you are traveling in the united state
  5. The devices that you can make use of to watch YouTube TV on includes your smartphones, Apple TV, Android TV, and Chromecast devices.

When recording, you would only be able to access the program for a period of 9 months after it will cease to exist. The best way to watch YouTube live Tv is for you to download the YouTube TV app. Tv programs that have been recorded would be stored in the cloud, therefore, making you have unlimited videos at a particular time.

How to Use YouTube TV

A lot of people are not aware of the whole concept of YouTube TV and how to make use of it. in other to enjoy watching live TV shows you are expected to be signed in. Signing into YouTube TV requires you to log in to your Gmail process as we all know that the two platforms are Google-owned.

Once your YouTube TV account is signed in, you can choose to click on try free in other to see how it works. You are expected to Note that this platform is only available for users in a particular region.


Once you have launched the YouTube TV app on your device that you want to use, you would first notice the home icon. At this point, you would have access to all the YouTube videos available at a glance. You would find videos of people that you recently watched on the homepage.


The Live page is where you would find all the Live TV shows, programs, and series. Here, you get to move from the network looking for your favorite Tv programs that are live at that moment. you also get to view additional information about the program, store the program in your library for viewing later also to the page of the network which is broadcasting the program.


You get to view all your recorded series, YouTube movies, and YouTube news.


The live TV online search bar is in the shape of a magnifying glass. You can search for YouTube sports, YouTube Videos, YouTube series as well as networks. makes it very easy for anyone to search for YouTube movies and YouTube live TV channels. It does this by allowing users to browse by the program offered or browser by making use of the name as criteria.

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