YT Music. Have you been thinking of what Ytmusic means? YT Music is an online streaming service that let users download songs, music, live performance, remixes, cover and music content based on genres, playlist and recommendation.

YT Music

The platform was developed by YouTube and it was launched on 12 November 2015. It is also a new music streaming platform that contains official albums, videos, singles, and the rest.

YT Music

This is an app where you can get a lot of your favourite songs and the latest music that you searching for. The app is specially designed for smartphone users like iOS and Android.

Now, the song’s lyrics are available on the platform for users to read as they play songs with their smartphones. Now, all you need to do is tap on the “I” button, then the song’s lyrics will be shown to you below the tracking bar.

Although it is most available on phone, you can still use it on your desktop by downloading the app on your desktop. It let you enjoy plenty of songs without ads and browse the names of the artist also.

How to Download YT Music App on Your Android

Follow the below steps to download the app on your android phone;

  • Open your android device
  • Go to google play store and open it
  • Enter the search field and type ‘Ytmusic’
  • Wait a while for the installation
  • Lastly, tap on ‘download’
  • After a complete downloading, you can start to browse your favourite songs, artists, albums etc. from the music app.

These are the steps to download the YT Music app on android.

How to Download YT Music App on iOS

Below are the steps to download the YT Music App on iOS;

  • Open your iOS device
  • Go to the app store
  • Type ‘YT Music’ in the search field
  • Wait for a while for the installation
  • Lastly, tap on ‘get’
  • YT Music will be successfully installed on your iOS device

can start enjoying the app by downloading the songs you are searching for from the app

How to Download Music from YT Music on Mobile Device

Follow the below steps to download Ytmusic on your mobile device;

  • After you have gotten the app available on your phone,
  • Next, open the app on your phone
  • Mark the songs and albums you like then,
  • Tap on the ‘Download’ button
  • Now the download button arrow will move to marked songs for downloading
  • After that, you can start enjoying your downloaded music offline.

Follow the above steps to download your favourite songs and latest songs from Ytmusic to your mobile device.

How to Locate the Songs That You Have Downloaded from YT Music

When you have download music from the Ytmusic app to your phone, and you want to locate them follow the below steps to see the music;

  • Open Ytmusic app
  • Set Ytmusic to show the music that has already been downloaded
  • Move to the bottom side of your screen and tap on ‘Library
  • From the appeared options tap on ‘downloads’
  • Now, you see all songs that you have downloaded

Above are the steps to search and find downloaded songs from Ytmusic to your phone.

How to Fixed Ytmusic Problems

in case you are facing problems during music downloading from Ytmusic or not founding your songs, follow the below steps to fix them;

  • turn on data connection
  • payment issues
  • when making payment, ensure the card details are accurate with no mistake
  • you can still meet your bank if you are still having issues due to card declined
  • restart app by: visiting the app and open it
  • go to settings and move to google play store
  • tap on ‘force stop’
  • move to ‘storage, and tap on it
  • move to tap on “clear cache” and “clear data”
  • retry payment process and it will work for you as others has already try before.

Follow the above steps to fix Ytmusic.


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