ZEPETO is a fun social app where you create a digital version of yourself, and then go out and make friends. The application is a fun way to socialize with your very own digital clone. However, with the app, when you launch the app, you’ll be asked to upload a photo of yourself or take a selfie.


Then, the app will detect the distinctive features of your face and create an avatar in your image. So, in a few seconds, you’ll have an adorable digital version of yourself, ready to socialize with the rest of the ZEPETO universe.

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When you get started with the platform, you won’t have much (no clothes, no objects, etc) at first. But when you take part in challenges and meet new people, you can earn points and use them to buy clothes and decorate your space. Moreover, you can also level up, unlocking more objects, clothing, and activities.

Zepeto Online

Play ZEPETO online for free. Craft a custom virtual avatar of yourself from millions of unique items and accessories. And create a unique look that’s all your own from a wide selection of clothes, hairstyles, makeup, and brand-name collaborations.

Join a huge community today where you can chat and share stories with people around the world in a gorgeous virtual universe. Also, get to bring your real-world parties online with ZEPETO!

Zepeto Login

Do you have an account already? If you don’t have an account yet. You will need to download the mobile app. Then you can sign up for an online access account. With this account, you can log in to get started with the game platform.

Do you want to log in but don’t know how to? The sections beneath will guide you through.

How to Login to Zepeto World

To log in, do the following;

  • Go to studio.zepeto.me
  • Tap on the menu tab
  • Select the Zepeto World tab
  • Tap on the Account tab at the top
  • Enter your ZEPETO account Phone number or ID・Email
  • Tap on the Password button
  • Click on the Login tab

These are steps to access your account

 Zepeto Studio

Bring your creative ideas to life on the platform. From avatar apparel to 3D Worlds, give life to your ideas and share them with users across the world. This provides the tools you need to set up your items, Worlds, and streams. Since the launch, it has grown to over 2.3 million creators.

You can easily create fashion items, from hats to shoes, that drive sales. Create your own World through Unity for other users to explore. Host a live stream with your avatar to communicate with other users.

How to Sign Up for Zepeto Studio

You can become a creator in 3 simple steps. Here are the steps;

1 Sign Up. Anyone with a ZEPETO account can sign up for the Studio for free.

2 Create Content

3 Review and Publish. Your content will be reviewed to provide a safe and fun environment for all users.

If you’re new to Zepeto, you will need to download the app.

How to Login to Zepeto Studio

To access your studio account, do the following;

  • Proceed to https://zepeto.me/
  • Click the menu tab
  • Tap Zepeto studio
  • Tap on getting started
  • Enter your account QR Code /Email or Phone number
  • Then enter Password
  • Click on the Sign-in button

These are steps to access your studio account.

NEW to ZEPETO? Download the app. Find out more about the app in the section below.

Zepeto App

With this app you can do the following;

  • Create who you want to be, and meet friends across the world!
  • Go on exciting adventures and bring your ideas to life.
  • Meet friends in a new space! That’s from sharing feed posts to sending direct messages
  • Capture memories with friends across the world!
  • Make friends, take photos, and complete missions
  • Select from more than a thousand Worlds to explore!
  • Create a 3D you!
  • Try on trendy new collections or items from coveted brands
  • Create your dream spaces and virtual items, and start earning
  • Let your ideas inspire and take off into trends worldwide.
  • Enjoy exclusive monthly benefits with ZEPETO Premium!
  • Provides from member-exclusive items to a faster turnaround time for Studio submissions
  • Take advantage of the perks only available to subscription members.

These are features of the app. If you’re interested in the platform, you will need to download the app.

How to Download Zepeto App

The mobile app is available both for Android and iOS devices. So to download the app on your desired device, do this;

  • On your mobile phone, launch the play or App store
  • Navigate to the search tool and type in Zepeto, then search
  • Click on the app from the search result
  • For Android, hit the install widget. For iOS, tap on get button, then provide your apple ID
  • Kindly take the onscreen steps to complete the process

These are steps on how to download the app


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