Zoho Mail App – Download and Install Zoho Mail for Android and iOS


Have you heard of the Zoho Mail App? Do you have the Zoho Mail account you created using a web browser on your Desktop or Computer? And you want to use the account your mobile device, right? Well, then the Zoho Mail App is the solution you’ve been looking for. Just most email service, this one also a mobile application that is compatible with any device type.

Zoho Mail App

Well, I understand that you wish to learn more about the app, as that’s your reason for clicking on this post. Without wasting time, let’s dive, however, you need to pay attention and read on to find out more.

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Zoho Mail App

Zoho Mail App is the mobile application version of the web. There are actually not many changes on the app to the web, but the app offers better and faster navigation. Also, the mail app, you can always carry your inbox with you wherever you and receive and send emails.

With Zoho Mail on your mobile, you can manage your business communications.  The app goes beyond being other email apps. It includes contacts, calendar, and also files modules, a complete app suite. You can more about the email provider by visiting their website https://www.zoho.com/mail/

Accessing your mail on your mobile is a breeze. As the user interface is designed to be light, and fast to use. When people reply to an email, the app groups responses together in a single conversation, displaying the newest message at the top. You can manage multiple accounts using the application. Zoho Mail App offers users a 3D touch and users would no longer complain of attachment disorder.

It comes with a powerful search engine that allows you to search for an email with your account. The app is compatible with any device type including iOS and Android devices.

Zoho Mail App for Android

With the full-fledged Email, Calendar and Contacts packed into one single app. The Zoho Mail App for Android supports multiple accounts, conversation view.

Zoho mail Android version is optimized for Tablets offers quick swipe actions, advanced search, works offline, streams, integrated Calendar, and also gets your contacts on the go. It can be downloaded with any compatible Android smart device for free.

Zoho Mail App for iOS

The Zoho Mail for iOS offers multiple account support for users. It offers streams with a great conversation view to make the platform more interesting and fun to use. Multitasking on your iPad because the app is fully optimized for iPad wit split-screen support for multitasking.

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Quick swipe actions can be carried out with a 3D touch. It includes Apple’s pencil and also compatible with Apple Watch. Zoho Mail App for iOS offers advanced search and also available offline.

It can be attached from Zoho Docs, integrated Calendar, and also offers Calendar on the go. More file attachment options have been made available. The application is free to use and also download or install. Now, let’s look at how to install the application on your device.

How to Install the Zoho Mail App

The application is simple, free, and fast to download and install on any device type that you’re using. To get the application, follow the simple procedures below;

  • Open the App Store on your Device (Apple App Store or Google Play Store).
  • Use the search box on the page and input Zoho Mail.
  • The search result would be displayed showing other similar applications.
  • Tap on the first one at the top of the page.
  • Then tap on “Install” or “Get” to commence the installation process.

Zoho Mail App will be installed immediately into the device and you can start using it. Once the app has been installed, you can sign in or sign up for an account if you do not have any.

Creating an account on the platform is free and very simple to do. You can simply create an account if you don’t have using the app or web browser https://www.zoho.com/mail/. For guidelines on how to create a new Zoho mail account, you can check out other articles on Zoho mail on my blog.

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