So, you’re searching for an email service to use that offers Free plan side Gmail, Yahoo? Well, have you heard of Zoho Mail Free Plan Review? I believe when you clicked on this post, you’re considering whether to use Zoho mail or not.

Zoho Mail Free Plan Review - Get the Most Amazing Free Service on Zoho Mail

Well, let me clear your doubts about the service on this Zoho Mail Free Plan Review. Read on to know more. Lots of people have been saying that the free service is not good. However, you need to know that Zoho mail is one of the best email services that you can use for free.

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Zoho Mail Free Plan Review

Zoho Mail Free Plan Review is all about the free email service, Zoho Mail. The Mail is a free solid email service that actually targets professionals. In other words, Zoho mail is an email service that offers users a mixture of ad-free, minimalist, clean, etc. features, that are tailored for professional and business use.

With Zoho Mail, you can experience free, fast, and clean webmail with powerful features. Users get immediate control over their inbox and also get their freedom. The email service has a Docs software known as Zoho Docs. And do you know what this means? It means your team can create, edit, or collaborate text or representation.

Also, spreadsheet documents with the help of online editors. Zoho mail Free plan lets users experience better productivity and faster work in the office online.

Zoho Mail

Of Course, Zoho Mail won’t be regarded as one of the go-to email services without having some great benefits. I mean, who would like to use something they won’t benefit from?

Well aside from the great storage it offers, there are some are awesome benefits you can get from using the service. So, let’s have a look at them below;

Zoho Mail Night Mode

The webmail offers users a night mode feature that enables them to use the service even at night. Or you can switch to night mode when you feel like your eyes are too tired.


Zoho mail users can create rules in other to help manage their incoming emails and also automate tiresome tasks. Sounds interesting, right.


Reusable templates can be created for the emails that are sent repeatedly.


The advanced search engine within the service allows you to search and find emails quickly. Finding an old email is easy and fast with the Zoho Mail service.


With scrubs, you can clean up your inbox simply by archiving or deleting emails all in bulk.


Keyboard shortcuts are there to make typing easier and faster. There are lots of keyboard shortcuts that you can use. For instance; Press G and U at once to display all unread emails.

Notification Selection

One unchangeable fact is that the service would not reduce the number of emails you receive. But it can help reduce the number of notifications you wish to receive. All you have to do is to select the folders you wish to be notified about and forget the rest.

There are more benefits you can enjoy with Zoho mail, the above is some of the relevant ones. To have more, sign up for an account with the service.

Zoho Mail Review

With the benefits mentioned, now let’s look at the features of the service. Below are features of Zoho Mail;

  • It offers Integration.
  • Instant Chat.
  • Multiple Accounts on the service.
  • Online Office.
  • Includes a powerful search.
  • Tasks and Calendars are included.
  • Apps for iOS and Android.
  • The inbox is organized.
  • Unlimited Groups are allowed in an account.
  • Multiple Domain Migration options.
  • Advanced features.
  • The Inbox is well organized.
  • Email and CRM and also policies.
  • Control Panel.
  • Labels and Folders.
  • It can be accessed from anywhere.

Zoho mail has lots of other features to offer, but the above is some of the ones you can find on the service.

Zoho Mail App

Zoho mail app is one of the best applications for email services that you would find out there. It has an Admin app and a regular app compatible with any device type including iOS and Android. The app is free and simple with a great user interface for all to understand and use.


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