How to Enable Flashlight on Google Pixel Watch


Let’s face it, our phones aren’t always readily available when we need a quick burst of light. Whether you’re looking for something in a dark hallway or navigating a dark trail, having a trusty flashlight on hand can be more easier.

Enable Flashlight on Google Pixel Watch


The good news is, you already have one on your wrist!  The Google Pixel Watch, like many smartwatches today, boasts a built-in flashlight feature.

This article will guide you through the simple steps on how to enable the flashlight on your Google Pixel Watch and explore its benefits, so read through carefully.

About the Flashlight on Google Pixel Watch

The Pixel Watch’s flashlight utilizes the watch face itself to illuminate your surroundings. When activated, the screen brightens significantly, emitting a white light.

Additionally, you can switch the light to a red hue, which can be particularly useful in situations where you want to preserve night vision or avoid disturbing others.

While not intended to replace a high-powered flashlight, it’s a convenient and practical tool for everyday needs.

How to Enable Flashlight on Google Pixel Watch

There are two primary ways to access the flashlight on your Pixel Watch:

Using the Quick Settings

Utilize these methods below to successfully enable the flashlight on your Google Pixel watch, for positive results follow through the procedures carefully:

  • Swipe down on the watch face to reveal the Quick Settings menu.
  • Locate the Flashlight icon.
  • Tap the icon to activate the flashlight. The watch face will illuminate with a bright white light.
  • To switch to red light, tap the screen once. Tap again to cycle back to white light.

To turn off the flashlight, tap the icon again or simply swipe up on the screen to return to the watch face.

Using the App List

If you prefer turning on your flashlight on your Pixel watch from the app list, then you could use the steps below:

  • Press the crown on your Pixel Watch to access the app list.
  • Rotate the crown until you find the Flashlight app.
  • Tap the Flashlight app to activate it. The watch face will change to a white light.
  • Similar to Method 1, you can tap the screen to switch between white and red light and tap again to turn it off.
  • Press the Crown to exit the app and return to the watch face.

Benefits of Flashlight on Google Pixel Watch

Having a flashlight readily available on your wrist offers various of advantages:

  • Convenience

No more scrambling for your phone when you need a quick burst of light. The Pixel Watch’s flashlight is always readily accessible on your wrist.

  • Compactness

Smartwatches are built compact and lightweight, making the flashlight feature a great space-saving alternative to carrying a separate flashlight.

  • Night Vision Preservation

The red light option allows you to see in the dark without compromising your night vision, making it ideal for nighttime activities like stargazing or reading a map.

  • Discreetness

The red light can be less disruptive than a bright white light in situations where you don’t want to disturb others.

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The Google Pixel Watch’s built-in flashlight is a handy and versatile tool that can prove useful in various situations.

Whether you need to eliminate a dark corner, find your way around at night, or simply preserve night vision, the Pixel Watch’s flashlight has you covered.

With its easy accessibility and dual light modes, this feature adds another layer of practicality to your smartwatch experience.

Does the Google Pixel Watch Have a Flashlight?

Yes, the Google Pixel Watch features a built-in flashlight that utilizes the watch face to emit a bright white light.

Additionally, you can switch the light to a red hue for situations requiring night vision preservation.

How Do I Turn On the Flashlight on my Pixel Watch?

There are two ways to activate the flashlight on your Pixel Watch.

You can either swipe down on the watch face to access the Quick Settings menu and tap the flashlight icon, or press the crown to access the app list, find the “Flashlight” app, and tap it to turn it on.

What Color Options are Available for the Pixel Watch Flashlight?

The Pixel Watch flashlight offers two light modes, which are a bright white light for general illumination and a red light mode suitable for preserving night vision or avoiding disturbing others in low-light environments.

Is the Pixel Watch Flashlight Bright Enough for Emergencies?

While the Pixel Watch’s flashlight isn’t designed to replace a high-powered flashlight, it provides sufficient light for everyday needs like navigating a dark hallway, finding your keys, or illuminating a close object.

For emergencies requiring a more powerful light source, it’s recommended to carry a dedicated

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