How to Enable Airplane Mode on Google Pixel Watch


Introducing the significance of airplane mode on the Google Pixel Watch, highlighting its role in complying with flight regulations, conserving battery life, and ensuring uninterrupted focus during travel.

Enable Airplane Mode on Google Pixel Watch


However, in this blog, you will be enlightened on the various methods needed to enable airplane mode on your Google Pixel Watch and highlight the benefits of utilizing this mode.

What is Airplane Mode on Google Pixel Watch

Airplane mode is an essential feature on the Google Pixel Watch that temporarily and by default disables wireless connections like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular data.

Enabling airplane mode on your watch is essential while flying as it helps you comply with airline regulations that order the deactivation of wireless devices during flight.

Moreover, it saves battery life and minimizes distractions from incoming calls, messages, or notifications, ensuring an uninterrupted and focused travel experience.

How to Enable Airplane Mode on Google Pixel Watch

Here are the detailed required steps you need to successfully enable Airplane Mode on your Google Pixel Watch, follow through the methods carefully for a positive result:

  • On your Google Pixel Watch swipe down from the top of the screen.
  • Click on the Settings App from the list of apps displayed.
  • Select Connectivity.
  • Scroll down and locate, then activate Airplane Mode.

Once you are done following these provided steps, you could then enable Airplane mode on your Pixel Watch.

Advantages of Using Airplane Mode

The Google Pixel Watch offers a convenient Airplane Mode feature that disables all wireless connections, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular data (if enabled).

While it might seem unreasonable for a smartwatch, Airplane Mode holds several advantages in specific situations:

  • Reduced Battery Drain

Disabling wireless functions significantly reduces battery consumption. This is ideal for extending watch life during long journeys or when battery conservation is important.

  • Comply with Regulations

Airplane Mode is mandatory on airplanes during takeoff and landing to prevent potential interference with aircraft navigation systems. Using Airplane Mode ensures a smooth and safe flight experience.

  • Focus on the Present

Airplane Mode creates a distraction-free environment. By eliminating incoming notifications and calls, you can then be fully present in the moment, whether you’re engaged in a workout, attending a meeting, or simply want a digital detox.

  • Preserves Mobile Data

If you’re on a limited mobile data plan or traveling internationally with roaming charges, Airplane Mode prevents accidental data usage on your watch.

This can help you avoid unwanted charges on your phone bill.

  • Improves Hospital Safety

Some hospitals restrict wireless signals near certain medical equipment.

Airplane Mode ensures your watch doesn’t interfere with these devices, and then contributing to a safe medical environment.

  • Extended Offline Functionality

Many watch functions work even in Airplane Mode. These include viewing the time, tracking workouts (data can be synced later), utilizing pre-downloaded music playlists, and monitoring basic health metrics.

  • Faster App Launching

With fewer background processes running due to disabled wireless connections, launching apps on your watch might experience a slight speed boost in Airplane Mode.

  • Security in Sensitive Locations

In situations where data breaches are a concern, like using public Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode adds a layer of security by minimizing potential threats that are associated with unsecured wireless networks.

  • Peace of Mind During Charging

When your watch is charging at night, enabling Airplane Mode can prevent accidental activation or notifications from disrupting your sleep.

  • Testing Watch Functionality

Airplane Mode provides a controlled environment to isolate and troubleshoot any issues with your Pixel Watch’s non-wireless features, like display, buttons, or sensors.

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Can I Use GPS in Airplane Mode on my Google Pixel Watch?

No, GPS on the Pixel Watch won’t function in Airplane Mode. Airplane Mode disables radios used for location services, including GPS.

While WiFi can be enabled in Airplane Mode on the Pixel Watch, WiFi doesn’t provide location data. For navigating without cell service, consider downloading offline maps before activating Airplane Mode.

Will Airplane Mode Disable all Wireless Functions on Google Pixel Watch?

Airplane mode on Google Pixel Watch disables Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which are commonly used wireless functions. However, it does not disable cellular data, if your watch has a cellular connection.

Mobile data uses a separate radio that is not affected by Airplane mode. So, while Airplane mode reduces functionality, it doesn’t completely turn off all wireless capabilities.

Does Airplane Mode Affect the Synchronization of Health and Fitness Data on Google Pixel Watch?

Yes, Airplane Mode can interrupt syncing health and fitness data on your Pixel Watch. Airplane Mode disables Bluetooth, which is how the watch typically communicates with your phone to transfer data to the Fitbit app.

However, if your watch has Wi-Fi, it might still be able to sync data directly to the cloud depending on your settings.

Can I Receive Notifications While in Airplane Mode on my Google Pixel Watch?

No, you won’t receive notifications on your Pixel Watch with Airplane Mode on. This mode disables Bluetooth, which is how your watch talks to your phone to receive notifications and data.

There is no way for the watch to independently get information without a connection.

Does Airplane Mode on Google Pixel Watch Consume Less Battery?

Yes, Airplane Mode on Pixel Watch likely helps conserve battery life. It disables Bluetooth, Wifi, and cellular connections, which constantly search for signals and drain power.

While Bedtime Mode reduces notifications, Airplane Mode further minimizes battery usage by stopping background network activity.


Enabling airplane mode on your Google Pixel Watch is quite easy. Simply swipe down from the top of the screen to access the Quick Settings menu.

From there, tap on the airplane mode icon to turn it on. This will disable all wireless communications on your watch, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular data.

To turn off airplane mode, simply tap the airplane mode icon again. For effective results, follow the methods outlined above.

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